Small Group Routines: 7 Quick and Simple Things to Do Every Day

In special education, our time is precious. Routines help to accomplish many tasks on a daily or weekly basis to ensure that our students are getting well rounded instruction. I use these routines to accomplish practice basic skills in my small reading groups. Blending Words I lay out different letter cards on the table. What cards I have laid out depend on what group I have. In my lowest level group we work on CVC words where we have a vowel in the middle and we work on creating real and nonsense words that imitate CVC words. We work on…

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Special Education Teachers: What supplies do I need most?

It’s almost that time! Depending on where you live, you will soon be seeing sales for school supplies. For us teachers seeing those school supplies can put us into two moods. First mood is give me all the school supplies I can get because who doesn’t love new school supplies? The another mood is summer is not over so do not even think about getting out those school supplies! I am one where I get excited about new school supplies and a new year!  As a special education teacher in a resource room, what school supplies do I need most?!…

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How to Use Graphs to Make Progress Monitoring EASY

Progress monitoring is overwhelming. Trust me. I know. It is one of the hardest things about being a special education teacher. It’s also the most essential. So, how can we make progress monitoring easier and save time? I think that using goal graphs make progress monitoring easy and can make our lives as special education teachers EASIER! How to Use Graphs to Make Progress Monitoring EASY: Option 1: The Progress Monitoring Binder Inside my progress monitoring binder, I have tab for each student. I also have a graph for each goal that my students have. Because I’m a bit of…

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Special Education Teachers: Here’s How to Get It All Done

As a resource room teacher, I have SO many things that I need to get done. There are days where behaviors are crazy. Some days, I sit in meetings all afternoon and get next to nothing done. However, I do have a few routines that I implement that I feel really help me “Get It All Done“…if that’s even possible! Quiet Tasks vs Busy Tasks In special education, many of us share a room with other adults. For me, I share my room with another special education teacher and three assistants. My prep is also during the lunch breaks of…

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How to Accommodate Students in the General Education Classroom {Reading}

As a resource room teacher, I only get 30-45 minutes with some of my students. They spend a whole lot of time in the general education classroom. Meaning, they need accommodations! Accommodations can help them to be successful with grade level material. Below, you’ll find reading accommodations that can be used in the general education classroom or in your resource room. Graphic Organizers  Graphic Organizers are a perfect tool for differentiation and accommodation in the general education classroom. Students who are well trained in knowing what to do with a graphic organizer can often apply it to a passage at…

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