Hey, I'm Amanda!

I give resource room teachers the resources they need to meet their students needs while still helping them save time!

As a full-time special education teacher and mother of two myself, I know how precious your time is. Between school, kids, and life, there never seems to be enough of it; that’s why I’m dedicated to finding realistic, applicable ways to make your life as easy and efficient as possible!


When I have the opportunity to talk to other resource room teachers, I am broken hearted to hear they're dedicating their nights and weekends to their jobs.

While it’s admirable, it’s also hard. It’s exhausting. It’s stressful and overwhelming.

Something about that has to change. I was in the same boat several years ago. By the time I got home from school, I only had a hour and a half with my kids, most of which was spent doing homework, cooking dinner, and making sure they took a bath.

For so many resource room teachers, that story is sadly the same. It’s time to find a better way to balance the school tasks so your family can get what they deserve from you.

MY Mission

My mission is to make the days of special education teachers as uncomplicated and successful as possible. To do this, I share effective interventions at the click of a button to allow you to reclaim your nights and weekends while seeing results. That's what makes my heart happy!


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Behind the screen

core values:

I value the constant pursuit of making myself and others better. I love to learn, share with others, and have fun in the process.

favorite things:

I love spending time with my family, eating chips and queso, drinking Diet Coke, reading, binging Netflix, and spending time sitting on my front porch.

fun facts:

At 34 years old, I still have a baby tooth. Until I was 30, I had TWO baby teeth hanging on for dear life.

Reading Interventions for Special Education

This reading intervention is designed by a special education teacher for special education teachers.

Using a structured, multi-sensory approach, your students will master their IEP goals through well developed, proved daily routines.


You can find and shop all of my interventions, plus so many more classroom resources on TeachersPayTeachers.


If you’re interested in taking a peak at the lessons, routines, and ideas that I share from my classroom, my blog is full of ideas to help you learn.

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