Math Interventions for Special Education

Believe it or not, providing math intervention for your students can be simple and effective.

It's Time to Start Making Progress on IEP Goals

One of my hardest struggles as a special education teacher is finding a balance between working on IEP Goals and tackling difficult math skills from the general education classroom.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could do both in one small group?

Luckily, it is!



Assessing Students for Math Intervention

Finding the right level is the key to a successful intervention.

But where do you start?

Let me help you find a simple way to assess your students and begin matching them to the interventions that will meet their needs.

Develop a Routine

4 Essential Routines for Math Intervention Groups

For so many special education teachers, they don’t even know where to start.

What should you be doing every day?

How can you help your students at their level AND on grade level standards?

Can’t someone just give me list of things to cover already?!

Yes. Let me help you find routines that will make your math intervention time top notch.



Structure Your Group

Structuring a 20 Minute Math Intervention Group

Balancing time for so many needs is difficult.

Is it really possible to see growth in your students in computation, math facts, and grade level skills?

Absolutely. Learn more about how I structure my small group time.

Tier 3 Math Intervention

Download a FREE Week of Math Intervention Booklets

I love math because it is repetitive and concrete.

Our students love it for those same reasons too.

Why not use an intervention that practices computation, math facts, word problems, and other critical skills like telling time, counting money, and calculating area and perimeter every day?

Overtime, they’ll be experts at all of the above skills.

You can try a week of my math intervention for free!




Minutes of small group intervention activities


minutes of prep time

What do other special education teachers think?

“I like that it is quick and easy to print. Each resource increases in skill level and it is not overwhelming for my students to follow. I like that it can be a quick review or extra practice for my students.” – Evelyn