You know I love progress monitoring! 😍 But if I’m being honest, it can get overwhelming. However, it is never stressful when games are involved. I like to use these games to progress monitor my students. It is much more meaningful and the kids don’t have the pressure of reading a word list of taking a “test” from week to week.

They just get to play a game. ❤️

The best part? These games are quick to print and prep!

Roll & Read

This is a classic. While your students play, you can focus on one student at a time and track the words that they are getting correct or incorrect.

You can use roll and read for sight words, decodable words, or math facts!

Word Races

My kids LOOOOOVE word races. They also love to race ME! I take turns being partners with each student. As they read, I use tally marks to track the number of words that they are able to correctly read.

If you are really brave, you could listen in as two of your students play and track the number of words that each student gets correct.

Sensory Bin

My students love the sensory bin. I don’t use it often, so it is a bit of treat!

I print teeny-tiny versions of word cards and hide them in the bin. Sometimes, we find the same words over and over. Then, we are left searching for one or two.

As we play, I use a tracking sheet that looks similar to their recording page to track which students were able to read which words.

Write the Room

I like to get my students up and moving, when possible. Using these Stikki Clips, I hide words around the room. Then, I send students around the room with a job.

Maybe they are checking off the words that they find, circling the vowel team, or sorting the words based on ar, ir, and or. Either way, they are finding words and I’m asking them to stretch them out. And you know it…I’m tracking their correct or incorrect answers on my clipboard!

Read & Hunt

This year, I am exclusively teaching special education students in fourth grade since we have a HUGE group. I was afraid this game would be too juvenile, especially since I literally stole the idea from a kindergarten teacher in my building. But they LOVE it.

I hide a color version of one of these animals behind a word. They decode various words as they hunt for the word. If they are the student who happens to find the animal, they get to be the next to hide it.