Progress monitoring is critical in any setting, but it is especially important in the special education setting. And while I know it is important, I also know that it needs to be quick and informative.

If you use my special education reading intervention, I’m happy to tell you that you’ll be able to progress monitor right in the middle of your group. Your students won’t even know you are collecting data, yet the data will be there when you need it.

Decodable Words & Sight Words

Every three weeks, I add these pages to the back of my reading intervention books. It makes it quick and easy to ask students to read from the list of words.

Depending on their goals and the time you have in your small group, you can have them read just the decodable words, just the sight words, or both.

Reading Comprehension

There are many options for measuring your student’s ability to comprehend what they’ve read. I like to use these multiple choice questions from the entire week.

Text Dependent Questions

Answering text dependent questions is a difficult skill, but it is totally possible for many of our higher level students. I love using these open-ended questions to assess a student’s ability to answer this style of question.

Reading Fluency

If your students have IEP goals that target fluency, you can monitor your students while they practice the skill. I typically take turns sitting one on one with students to get an accurate number.

Writing Sentences

For your lower level readers, building a sentence can be a tricky skill. Luckily, with the reading intervention, your students will be writing every single day. You can easily check for specific skills, like using capital letters, correct punctuation, spelling decodable words, spelling high frequency words, and building sentences that are grammatically correct.

Writing Prompts

For our higher level students, they’ll need to be practicing those writing prompts that they’ll see on high stakes testing. You can take time throughout the year to build these skills AND measure it based on their IEP goals.