Reading Comprehension: How to Help Students with Disabilities

What Is Reading Comprehension? Reading Comprehension is simple. It is understanding what you have read. As teachers, I think we overcomplicate reading for our students. And for our students with disabilities, they are especially overwhelmed. Reading comprehension isn’t answering an open-ended question. It isn’t comparing three passages on the same topic. It is so much more simple than that. To better help them improve reading comprehension, we need to take a look at the foundation of reading. What Impacts Reading Comprehension? In my mind there are three barriers that stand in the way of students understanding what they read. These…

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How to Progress Monitor & Teach Virtually

If you are teaching virtually, progress monitoring can be hard. Here are three ways to do it while teaching virtually. …

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Virtual Learning: This is What You Need to Send Home with Students

This is what I’m sending home with my special education students to allow them to participate in small groups virtually. …

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7 Items You NEED to Make Your Small Groups Fun

I believe that small group instruction should be two things: targeted and FUN!!! I pull approximately 45 students each day, and they often beg to come. If I have a meeting or miss them, they are upset that they don’t get to “play games” with me.  While playing our games, they are learning and growing. Below are a few items that I use repeatedly throughout the day. Items such as dice, spinners, and colored markers I use in a variety of ways in a variety of subjects. I have affiliate links for each of the items if you are interested…

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How to Group Students for Special Education Services

Progress Monitoring Data and Assessments When I begin thinking about my small groups, I like to first make a list of common things that I am working on with my students. For example, in the area of reading, I have students working on letter names and sounds, decoding CVC words, decoding blends and digraphs, decoding words that contain vowels, fluency practice, students who are fluent readers but struggle with comprehension, and students who struggle with sight words. Some of my students need help in more than one area mentioned above.  I like to start grouping my students by folding a…

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