Class Dojo: What are the classroom benefits?

After a year of using Class Dojo, I must say that I am really loving it, and I wanted to share several of the benefits of using Class Dojo. Substitutes, Aides, and Other Staff One of the greatest benefits of using Class Dojo is the ability to add other teachers and staff members to your class. I have been able to add my Cadet Teachers, my classroom assistant, and our RTI assistant to my class. They are able to give and take points, just like I would. Parents can even see who gave or took the Dojo point.  I also have…

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Facebook Groups that Every Teacher Needs to Check Out

I seriously might be a little addicted to Facebook groups. I love browsing them on Saturday or Sunday mornings as I’m relaxing. I love to see what other teachers are doing in their classrooms; whether that be new ways to use technology, new games to play during centers, or new ideas for managing behavior. I also love being able to ask questions and have great ideas and answers within a few hours. In a way, Facebook groups have become an excellent source of inspiration and motivation for me. Facebook Groups that Every Teacher Needs to Check Out As I was…

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The Thank You Binder: Two Freebies to Help Boost Morale

Have you ever had someone cover a duty, help you out during a crazy time, or maybe they are just an all around great teacher/friend/assistant/co-teacher? In the past, I’ve wanted to purchase a small “thank you” for my fellow staff members, but I didn’t always know what their favorite candy bar, beverage, or hobby happened to be. The Thank You Binder: Two Freebies to Help Boost Morale Today’s post is not specific to any grade level or subject. I wanted to share something that is just for fun. This past Christmas, I was in charge of our festivities for the…

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3 Fun & Easy Around the Room Activities

3 Fun & Easy Around the Room Activities Do you have a class set of clipboards? I do, and I love to put them to use OFTEN! I know that my kids need to be up and moving to stay engaged and focused. I love to allow them to do the same work that they would do in their seats by getting up and move around the room! Last year, I bought these AMAZING StikkiClips! I have them hanging around my room for spur of the moment use! They are cheap and will stick nearly anywhere. They are an excellent…

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3 FREE and Easy Ways to Communicate with Parents

Communicating with parents should always be a top priority in our profession, yet it is also something that is easy to let fall to the bottom of the to do list.  I wanted to share three of my favorite ways to communicate with my parents that are FREE and EASY!  As with anything, each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and I tend to have a specific purpose for each method.  Overall, I think that these three really allow me to keep my students and parents informed. 1. Classroom Blog Anyone can create a blog through for FREE!  This…

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