Please tell me I’m not alone in the fact that I have been planning, creating, and blog-stalking since school let out.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve relaxed a little too!  My husband and I have watched all three seasons on Netflix of American Horror Story and the new season of OITNB!  I also just finished reading “Leaving Time” by Jodi Picoult….AMAZING!  🙂  But when I’m not being lazy, I’ve been busy planning away for next year.  I’ve also gathered up a few of my favorite blog friends to help us out by sharing a few freebies, giveaways, sales, and fabulous ideas!  So grab a beverage of your choice, kick up your feet, and brace yourself for the SUMMER STOCK UP!

Almost three years ago, I was wrapping up my first year of teaching and had developed a really good set of forms to progress monitor my student’s RTI & IEP goals.  As I shared it with a few fellow newbies, they repeatedly told me it saved them tremendous amounts of time and made progress monitoring quick, effective, and simple!  Who could ask for anything more, right?!?!

Each time I used it or heard fantastic feedback, I couldn’t help but feel like I should share it with others.  So I did!  I “prettied” it up a little before posting it on TpT and soon began to hear even more great feedback on the product.  

In the picture above, I have a folder for each of the assessment pages in my collection.  My assistant takes this to the copy room with her each Monday afternoon and makes sure that there are approximately 10-15 assessment pages in each folder.  Then, when it is time to assess students, I carry this over to my table and I am ready to go!

Inside each folder, I have 10-15 assessment pages as well as a laminated version on colored paper.  I give the student the colored paper so they don’t have to use sit and watch me mark up errors.  Each of these forms is tied to a Common Core Standard and comes with a pre-written, ready to be customized RTI or IEP goal! 🙂

After I assess each student, I record their scores on the page above.  I would love to show my actual copy but it has WAY. TO. MUCH. student data.  In the far left hand column, I record the student’s name.  Then in each column moving to the right, I record their goal in the top row (ex. Letter Recognition).  This allows me to quickly and easily see who needs to be assessed and on what particular skill.  After assessing, I record their score in the three smaller boxes.  An example is shown below.

Just for fun, I’m sharing a portion of this product in the Summer Stock Up!  You can find my freebie by clicking the link below! 🙂
I’ve also put the full collection on sale.  So if you like the freebie, be sure to snag the entire pack while it’s on sale! 🙂