Evidence Board FREEBIE: Help Your Students Easily Cite Evidence

In my opinion, citing evidence is one of the biggest standards in upper elementary.  I would even assume, that regardless of what state you are teaching in, citing evidence is a core part of your upper elementary curriculum.  Over the last few years, I have felt that my students are typically doing well with restating and answering a question, but they struggle to cite evidence in a way that flows and makes sense. This summer, I was extremely bored with my bulletin boards, and I wanted something that would be utilized on a regular basis with my students.  I decided… View Post

Visualizing Tubes: A Free Activity for Introducing Visualization

This year, I’ve been working to integrate multiple subjects into our daily activities.  Today, I want to quickly share a fun activity that is perfect for both reading and writing.  Our reading strategy this week is visualization, and we began writing personal narratives last week.  I wanted an activity that would introduce visualization, yet give my students a chance to enhance their writing.   I placed a bag in each corner of my classroom and divided my students into four random groups.  Each group pulled out their object and used their visualizing tubes to really scope out the mystery object inside… View Post

If the Shoe Fits…{An Inference Activity FREEBIE}

Making inferences is such a challenge for some of my students.  Better yet, many students can make an inference, but they struggle to support their inference with details, facts, or background knowledge.  Today, we did a fun activity to begin making inferences and supporting them with evidence. While my students were at special, I hid twelve shoes around my classroom.  They each had a number assigned to them, and they ranged from nice, new shoes to old, yucky shoes. After explaining their task, my students moved throughout the room to scope out each shoe. They wrote down their inferences, but… View Post

Marshmallow Data Review: A Math Activity Your Students Will LOVE

As I was planning my Valentine’s Day party last week, I had a weird, random series of events that led to a math activity.  One game suggested that you give students a few marshmallows and have them toss them into a partner’s mouth.  I thought, “Hey!  My kids will love this, and proceeded to buy several bags of marshmallows.” As I told my husband about the game, he said, “Ewwww, gross! Who is going to be ____’s partner?!”  He was right.  Who was going to be the nose picker’s partner?!  I quickly revised my plan, and this domino effect of… View Post

Math Races: The Math Game Your Students Will Beg to Play

I absolutely love math centers.  If you’ve followed me for long, you already know that’s old news.  A few weeks ago, I created a Christmas “Scavenger Hunt” to review basic computation.  My students and I absolutely loved it, and it completely inspired a year round game to play in math centers.  So far, I’ve used this in three different ways in my classroom. Whole Group Activity: I really love to use these cards as a whole group activity by hiding the cards around my classroom.  The students hunt the room to find the card that says START on the race… View Post
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