Hey friends!  It’s Makeover Monday…..errr….Tuesday and I’m linking up with Primary Possibilities!  I have actually been working on this makeover since Saturday.  Here’s my chain of events in redesigning this product.
Saturday:  Recreate the cover and posters.  It took forever because I couldn’t quite decide what I wanted to do.  Since the post wasn’t due until Monday, I gave up.
Sunday:  Take another look at the product, after all, the post should be done by tonight so I can post it tomorrow!
Monday:  Nearly finished with the product, but need to put on final touches and write the blog post.  Then this happened….feel free to laugh at my expense!
When I’m working on my computer, I often charge my phone via the USB port on my laptop.  My phone battery was low, so I reach into the armrest of my couch and grab my charger.  I plug it into my USB and suddenly my computer loses it’s mind!  Every time I click my mouse, it is highlighting randomness or even worse, does nothing at all.  It seriously will not click on anything!  I shut my computer down several times with no success at fixing the issue.  I unplug my phone charger, no success.  I finally decide to just forget it for a while.  When I lift up the armrest, what do ya know….my wireless mouse is on!  It is just clicking away from inside the armrest and controlling my laptop!  UGH!  The point of this story is that after wasting a TON of time, I worked for a while but eventually, I couldn’t hold my eyelids open any longer!
So…..TUESDAY: The product is finally completed and I’m ready to share my Makeover Monday!  Shew!  Here it goes.  🙂
First on the list of changes was to update this cover! 🙂
In my resource room, my students work their way through this leveled sight word system using colors to indicate which level they are working in.  When they have mastered a set of words, they get to sign the posters on the wall.  I really wanted to update these posters.  I’m even thinking about framing them and letting them write on the glass with a Vis-a-Vis marker!
I also wanted to make the cards smaller in order to save paper.  In the new edition, you’ll find six word cards per page compared to only four in the previous edition. 
The best part of this update is that it now includes BLACK AND WHITE VERSIONS!!!!  I am sure I’ve said this many times throughout my blog this year but I’m going to repeat it again.  At my old school, printing in color was really never an issue.  At my new school, we have access but we can’t print as freely. Therefore, I try my best to create black and white versions of my products to and print them on colored paper!  
I’ve also updated my progress monitoring forms!  The new match my forms from my Progress Monitoring Collections.
If you are interested in this newly updated product, you can grab it by clicking the image below!!! 🙂