I am going to make a crazy generalization here and say that you have about two weeks left before Christmas Break and you are EXHAUSTED with a HUGE list of things you’d like to get done before break…..am I close?  Now, I can’t make the to-do list disappear, but I can help provide you with a super fun set of brain teasers that my kids enjoyed for FREE!
I truly love blogging, chatting, statusing (….will that be added to Webster’s Dictionary soon?), and sharing with you all!  I have loved the resources, ideas, and support that I have gotten from so may of you.  And to show my appreciation, I have a little gift for you!  
In my gift to you, I have a Perimeter and Area Brain Teaser that is sure to get your students thinking and having a little Christmas fun!  In the picture above, students are asked to help Jingle the Elf find the measurements of his workshop.  This is the simplest brain teaser in my set of five, where the students are given the perimeter and area of a figure.  They will have to work to find the possible measurements of Jingle’s workshop.  
Buddy ramped up the difficulty, requiring the measurements of his workshop to have a perimeter that was larger than the area.  This answer had so many possibilities and I absolutely loved seeing them use common sense and a little trial and error to discover different possibilities.  Their erasers were definitely put to work today!
Snickerdoodle’s challenge was by far my FAVORITE!  I don’t know if I should admit this, but it took me FOREVER to find a possible solution.  But finally, I discovered one.  My students had the same struggle but it wasn’t an impossible feat.  I allowed them to work with a partner which allowed them to brainstorm possibilities and see what solutions they could come up with.  
Hop on over and grab a few more gifts from my fellow bloggers!  Everyone loves to unwrap a great gift, right?  🙂