Writing the perfect IEP goals is literally the starting point for so many things that we do as special education teachers.

Write a bad one, and you’re gonna pay for it for the rest of the year.

And trust me, we’ve all written bad ones. Sometimes more than once. 🥴

Crappy Reading Comprehension Goal

Why I Dislike This IEP Goal:

  • Do these questions require students to make inferences? Are all of the answers directly from the passage?
  • Is this a simple passage? At their independent reading level? Their current grade level?
  • Are they reading this passage on their own?

Improved Reading Comprehension Goal

Why I Prefer This IEP Goal:

  • Aubree will be answering questions from passages at her instruction level.
  • She’ll be answering questions that are directly in the text.
  • The text can be read to her in the group, whether that be as a group effort or directly from the teacher.

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