Does anyone else have a weird hatred for chalk boards?  I’m weird.  I know it and will freely admit it.  That being said, there are a few textures that I just can’t stand—rubber bands, balloons, and chalk dust to name a few!  My kids even notice that anytime I write in chalk, I immediately run to the hand sanitizer to rid of the awful feeling.

Most of my chalkboard is covered by my Promethean Board but I do have a small area where I can write notes to the class, work out impromptu problems, and display the date.  Although I love using this area, I DREAD using chalk!

At EdExpo last February, I saw this little beauty and heard the angels from Heaven singing 

hallelujah!  A few days ago, it arrived on my door step and I couldn’t help but return to school on my first day off to give my chalkboard a facelift!

I started by cleaning the entire board.

The adhesive backing peels off easily.

I lined it up in the corner and pressed firmly.  I found myself needing to readjust occasionally.  
The adhesive allowed me to pull it off and restick as needed.  
I repeated for the middle section.

And the third section.

I had to trim off an 1 1/2″ for it to fit on the bottom section.  

I repeated the peel and stick process throughout the bottom section.

Just for fun, I added a black border around the dry erase section.

From start to finish, this project took approximately 20 minutes and that includes working in my classroom with two small children! 😉  Each package of peel and stick sheets covers 20 square feet.  If you are interested in ordering them online, check out Pacon’s website for find it locally through EdMarket!

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