Hey there!  Thanks for popping in to read my link up post for the #2getherwearebetter monthly link up.  This month is a difficult topic for me….home office space!  The office supply addict, former Staples employee nerd in me DREAMS of a fabulous office space.  My husband and I bought a small three bedroom, one bathroom house about nine years ago before we had children.  Two girls later, we are utilizing every square inch of this house.  I would love to have a home office but that just isn’t going to happen until we are able to move.  So where do I work?  Well, it depends on the task!

If I am working on a product, organizing my calendar, lesson planning, or anything “structured”, I always sit at my kitchen table.  Usually I decide to work while my kids are playing outside behind me.  I can crack the door to keep an eye on them and hear them fight, I mean play, while I work.  I don’t know what it is about sitting at the table, but it keeps me focused and gives me a greater sense of “work”.

Most of my product creation takes place on Sunday.  It seems to be the only day of the week that I get anything accomplished.  I also only do laundry on Sunday.  Don’t ask me why but if I attempt to wash anything throughout the week, it ends up getting left in the washer for way. too. long.  Therefore, I try to knock out EVERYTHING in one day.  While sitting at the table working, I can hear the washer and dryer inside this closet.  I take a short break to fold laundry when I hear the buzzer go off.  It is seriously the only way that I can get both TpT tasks and laundry done.  If I’m on the couch, I’m too lazy to get up and work on laundry!

Speaking of the couch, I do a little work here too!  I rarely ever blog while sitting at the table.  Usually I curl up under my blanket and just unleash what is on my mind about an activity, product, or idea.  I have always told myself that blogging isn’t a job or a chore but rather a way to share what I’m thinking and doing with others.  Therefore, it just seems fitting to relax and write.  I also usually end up here after my kids go to bed and my husband is at CrossFit.  It’s my only time to myself!  🙂