Does anyone else love doing projects at the end of year?  It’s a little bit of a crazy time of year anyway.  They are counting down the days until summer break.  And you, geez, you are counting down too and eager for the end of the year even more than the kids.  It never fails.  If you’re like me, I also know that I have taught all (or nearly all) of my academic standards and now need a few fun ways to further review and enrich my learners.

So why not do this while catering to what is already on their minds….SUMMER BREAK!

With a quick trip to the copier, this activity is ready in no time!  Four pages, copied double sided, then folded down the middle and you are ready. to. go.

Inside, your kids will find an overall budget of their trip.  You can decide their total budget depending on how simple or elaborate you would like their trips to be.  I started with $3,000.  The kids seem to have plenty of money to spend without going hog wild.  They will work their way through the book and make decisions about their trip.  Later, they’ll return to this page to record final costs.

When first planning a trip, your lovelies will need to decide on a method of transportation.  I provided my kids time to do a little research.  They found prices and calculated the method that best works for their budget.

Next, they’ll need to research a few options for lodging.

Every vacation needs a little entertainment!  Next, your students will research a few activities for them to complete while vacationing.

Of course, as they are out having fun, they will most definitely need food and drinks!  As they plan, they will need to budget for meals.

And last but not least, they’ll need to make a little sense of how all of these activities and meals will be scheduled.  They can plan daily itineraries to outline each days events.

My kids have really enjoyed doing this activity in the afternoons this week!  Meanwhile, I’m enjoying helping them research, budget, and review math concepts that may be troubling them.  If this sounds like something that you are interested in, click on the image above to grab it!  🙂