Lately, I’ve been selling my Ultimate Tricky Word Work packs like crazy!  I’ve also been getting requests for MORE!  Well for my loyal word work fans, I’m here to share that I am working away at granting your wish.  🙂  This weekend, I laid out templates for printables to accompany all of my long vowel packs!

This pack starts out very simple by allowing students to simply fill in missing letters in the words to correctly spell the picture shown.  This is perfect for introducing a vowel sound, reteaching with strugglers, or sending home for independent homework.

From there, students may be ready to begin selecting the correctly spelled version of the word in “Pick & Write”.  After selecting the correct spelling, they write it on the lines provided.

We also know that many of our little lovlies need practice writing sentences.  On these pages, students can use their magic to create their own sentences using the word from the picture.

Next up—ICE CREAM!  Who doesn’t love a fun ice cream activity?!?!  This fun printable allows students who are familiar with the various spellings to begin sorting their words between the three spellings of the long a sound.

Last but not least, is a student favorite called BUBBLE TROUBLE!  To begin, students spin a word on their gumball machine.

Then, using colored markers, they cover the word that matches their picture.  A second player then takes a spin and covers their word.  This game works very similar to the student favorite “Bump”.  If they spin a word that has already been used, they can choose to cover that word in another bubble or “burst their partner’s bubble” and take that spot!  The first student to have all five colored markers on the game board wins!

{You can grab the long a set shown in the images above!  You *might* even find it on sale!}

{You can also grab this money saving, growing bundle!}