Bring Writing into Math?! 6 Ways It Will Benefit Your Students!

Two years ago, I transitioned from special education to general education.  One of my main goals was to not just shove content and procedures down their throats, but to help them truly understand math.  Math Journals were one of the first things that I implemented to help accomplish this goal.  After two years of tweaking, revamping, and organizing the Math Journal process, I am pleased to say that my students have flourished in their ability to not only complete mathematical concepts, but explain and truly understand what they are doing.  Want to know how I believe it has benefited my students?…

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Math Races: The Math Game Your Students Will Beg to Play

I absolutely love math centers.  If you’ve followed me for long, you already know that’s old news.  A few weeks ago, I created a Christmas “Scavenger Hunt” to review basic computation.  My students and I absolutely loved it, and it completely inspired a year round game to play in math centers.  So far, I’ve used this in three different ways in my classroom. Whole Group Activity: I really love to use these cards as a whole group activity by hiding the cards around my classroom.  The students hunt the room to find the card that says START on the race…

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Checking Station: An Essential Component for Centers

Whether you follow my blog often or this is your first visit, you need to know one thing about me; I love using centers in my classroom.  Several years ago, I had a checking station that just sort of……invented itself!  In my special education classroom, I supplied all of the classroom supplies, such as markers, colored pencils, and scissors.  I happened to have the markers in a cute container coincidentally next to the answer keys that I required my students to use to check their own work.  In time, this station just unfolded.  Markers + Answer Keys = Checking Station!…

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Vacation Planning!

Does anyone else love doing projects at the end of year?  It’s a little bit of a crazy time of year anyway.  They are counting down the days until summer break.  And you, geez, you are counting down too and eager for the end of the year even more than the kids.  It never fails.  If you’re like me, I also know that I have taught all (or nearly all) of my academic standards and now need a few fun ways to further review and enrich my learners. So why not do this while catering to what is already on…

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Math Center PHOTO Overload!!!!

Recently, I had a few followers ask about what my room and math centers look like.  I LOVE answering these types of questions.  However, this is also really hard to do when I have so many things going on at once.  So, I am going to answer this question by sharing several photos accompanied with brief {if I can keep them brief} descriptions. A few things you must know about my centers before reading on:   1.  These centers are all chosen based on the preferences of the students.   2.  Each of these centers rotate on a regular basis…

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