Teach Like a Pirate {Twenty-First Century Skills}

I’m incredibly sad to say that this is the second to last Learn Like a Pirate post.  I have really enjoyed reading this book and I can’t wait to see the transformation in my teaching and the dynamic in my classroom next year.  #bringonthestudent-ledclassroom Paul kicks off this chapter with a powerful message that really speaks to my heart.  I read it out loud to my husband (who is also a teacher) and he loved it as well.  We actually went on a little detour rant together inspired by this quote.  #weareteachernerds  Sorry for the length of this quote, but…

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Learn Like a Pirate {Active Learning}

Throughout this entire book study, I have really enjoyed the ideas and concepts that Solarz has presented but I have really struggled with there to begin.  How do I bring all of these procedures and ideas to life?  This chapter really seemed to allow me to take a peak into his classroom!  And obviously, fall more in love with what I am reading! Paul begins by discussing a few experiences that he gives his students in order to have them fully engaged and interested in their curriculum.  Paul says, “One reason students may struggle with history is that lectures and…

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Learn Like a Pirate {Responsibility}

Is your head spinning with ideas and changes for next year?  I am seriously crazy over the idea of a student-led classroom and this week’s chapter was even more convincing than prior weeks.  The topic of this week’s reading was responsibility.  Before I dive in to talking about the actual reading, I would like to talk about responsibility as a whole. As you probably know, I teach fifth grade and in our school, that means middle school the following year.  My teaching partner and I do our best to really encourage responsibility and prepare them for sixth grade.  We do…

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Learn Like a Pirate {Improvement Focus vs. Grade Focus}

Hey there, Pirate Friends!  I’ve been hooked on this book since I picked it up but this chapter really spoke to my heart.  I can’t really explain why but I believe that it just plays to my special education side.  In special education, you see kids work hard day in and day out.  They make progress but may not always see or feel the results of their hard work.  Report card day for a special education teacher is often a disappointing day.  I hate seeing the faces of my students when they see a D or F in reading despite…

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Learn Like a Pirate {Peer Collaboration}

Now that we’ve learned what a student-led classroom is and addressed a few common concerns, it’s time to dive into the heart of the PIRATE acronym.  P stands for Peer Collaboration.  In my classroom, I do my best to provide so many opportunities for peer collaboration.  Although I provide these opportunities, reading this chapter opened my eyes to the many things that I could be doing differently. One of the many frustrating aspects of peer collaboration is that it seems that my kids always have some sort of conflict.  I’ll take blame for that.  I often find myself jumping into…

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