How to Take Math Video Notes!

I’ve officially survived my first full week of school.  I am not sure if other teachers enjoy this portion of the school year, but I really do.  Most of my students are eager to learn, try new things, and impress their new teacher.  What’s even crazier is that I *kinda* enjoy teaching and practicing routines.  I love watching my students evolve into these independent little creatures!  I’m also very particular and they seem to love to strive to meet my expectations at this point of the school year. Last week we practiced taking video notes for our Flipped Classroom.  I’ll…

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Math Routines!

Several weeks ago, I received an email from an oh so sweet follower, that asked how I worked in math warm ups, journals, exit tickets, math videos, and task cards into my day.  As I answered her question, I knew that many others may have similar questions and this would be a great blog post topic.  Although I follow these routines and such everyday, it has taken a while to get my act together in order to create a blog post that really shows and tells what I do each day. Math Video Maybe this is the end of my…

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Math Videos 101!

For the past two years, my husband and I have been using math videos to “flip” our classrooms.  We have thoroughly enjoyed the process and have seen HUGE gains in our students.  We make and use math videos to deliver instruction rather than standing at the front of the classroom and teaching.  Last year, I used math videos in my resource room to allow groups of students in multiple grades and at an array of mathematical levels to all work during the same timeframe and still receive support on their individual needs.   Yesterday, I posed a question on my…

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Inside My Flipped Classroom!

Hey there!  Did anyone notice that I have fallen off the blog planet lately?  You know how the first several weeks are perfect and you have everything planned, copied, and ready to go…then real life hits you and you are SwAmPeD?!?!?!  That has been me these last couple of days!  But today, I had to share a post about my flipped classroom set up!   Several weeks ago, I posted a FB question that asked if anyone out there uses a “flipped classroom” model.  I wanted to see what others were doing, what programs and routines they implemented, and so…

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