Progress monitoring can give a special education teacher MANY feelings. For some of us, it lights us up! We have good systems, and we know how to progress monitor quickly.

For others, we might be feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or frustrated with finding a way to “do it all”.

Which are you?

I’ll be honest. I used to be the latter. I just couldn’t find a way to get everything done.

Thanks to a bit of trial and error, I’ve created a few helpful systems to help my progress monitor without losing my marbles. 🤪

How to Organize Special Education Progress Monitoring

Organization is the key to success. We all have our own style and system that works best. In this blog post, I’ll be sharing how I organize progress monitor to set myself up for success.

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Using Graphs to Simplify Progress Monitoring

My kids enjoy creating their own progress monitoring graphs to track their growth. I use this primarily with my second and third graders. In this blog post, I outline the step by step process for getting started.

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What’s inside my progress monitoring tub?

This tub literally saves me. It has everything I need to progress monitor quickly and easily. If you’d like to create your own progress monitoring tub, you might want to take a peak inside mine and see what’s included! 🙂

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How to Progress Monitor While Teaching Virtually

As if progress monitoring wasn’t hard enough in person. Teaching virtually adds a whole new twist. In this blog post, you’ll find three tips to help make data collection just a bit easier.

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