Text " What's Inside My Progress Monitoring Tub" with Image of Progress Monitoring Tub
Progress monitoring is a necessary part of being a Special Education Teacher. It is important to student growth, but it shouldn’t take a lot of time. For me, I save time by creating a progress monitoring tub full of all of the essentials for assessing my students.

Progress Monitoring Storage

Let’s first start with the container. As teachers, we LOVE containers, tubs, and all things cute storage. I love this ice cube chest from Amazon. It is large enough to hold file folders, but it is still small enough to carry around easily.
CCVC Words List on Clipboard with Flashcards and Pen for Progress Monitoring Tub

Progress Monitoring for Specific Skills

I have various lists and rings filled with all of the things that I would commonly assess my students on. These might be lists of letters, numbers, decodable words, or sight words. They are easy to pull out and quickly assess a student’s progress.
I also have quick counting, math fact, and math computation assessments.

Nonsense Words

I have several kids who are excellent at memorization. I use nonsense words to assess them on their ability to decode words that follow typical spelling patterns. I keep these on word rings, as well as printed lists, just like real words.
Image of Clipboard with Worksheet of Decoding and Sight Words with Paper with CVC Words Listed

Informal Assessments

I keep a clipboard with all of my informal assessments. I use these to assess move-in students and students being evaluated. It helps me get a quick snapshot of their strengths and weaknesses.
You can click here to find these informal assessments on TpT.

Writing Utensils

I always try to keep a handful of pencils and my favorite pen in my progress monitoring tub. Typically, if I’m assessing something, it is in the hallway during my prep. I need to have everything that we will need to make that assessment faster. They’ll need a pencil to solve math problems and complete a spelling test, depending on the tests that I need to give them.

Sticks or Other Rewards

Depending on the student and the assessments you give, assessing them could be tough. I like to keep stickers or other motivational rewards handy. You never know when you might need them in order to bribe a student to get the results you need.