Progress Monitoring Forms on table
Progress monitoring can seriously be an overwhelming task. Many special education teachers are overwhelmed at even the thought of assessing their students two to three times per nine weeks. I am one of the oddballs. I love to assess my kids on meaningful goals and use that data to make decisions about interventions they receive, student groupings, and next steps. 
With a little pre-planning, you can make progress monitoring quick and easy! 
Progress Monitoring Form with text "Progress Monitoring 1st Quarter"

Create Data Tracking Sheets

Each nine weeks, I print this page (and many more to accommodate all of my students) with a summary of my students and their goals. It is a quick and easy way to ensure that I’m not missing anyone or a specific assessment along the way. 
With these editable tracking sheets, I add their data in a color coded fashion as I collect it. Using this page, I’ve been working to collect data in the moment through games and activities that we do together in a small group. If I’m being honest, this is still a work in progress for me.

Graph with text "Reading Goal"

Graph Student Progress

I love to be able to have my students SEE their progress throughout the school year. I also like to have their information handy as I am assessing them. In my binder, I have a tab for each student, which includes a graph for each of their IEP goals and past data collection pages, if applicable. My students and I always check out their graph before we start an assessment. They love to be able to see their progress, especially my older students!
This year, I’m going to TRY to let up on my control freak ways and allow my students to record their own data on their graph. 
Progress Monitoring cards and tub with text "Progress Monitoring"

Create a Progress Monitoring Tub

In this tub, I have nearly everything that I use for progress monitoring. Each folder contains a few pieces from my Progress Monitoring Collection, such as teacher recording pages, laminated lists of words for students to read from, and word/letter cards for students to use while being assessed. I try to have a folder for each skill that I typically assess for most students on my caseload. It’s easy to set up and makes my life SOOOOO much easier.

If I’m assessing a new student, I pull out my tub and have everything I need to determine their present level of performance.

Copier and Progress Monitoring Tub

Make Copies as Needed 

When I know progress monitoring is right around the corner, I carry my tub to the copy room and make additional copies of pages that I’m running low on or goals that many of my students have. I also have the copy machine three hold punch them for me! Otherwise, they might not EVER make it into the binder. 😂

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