What do you take to general education classrooms for push in services?

As a special education teacher, there are times that you push into a general education classroom in order to further assist your students. What do you take so that you’re always prepared and ready to work? I take this backpack. It has everything that my students or I might need when working together.

1. Clipboards

A typical group that I work with consists of about five students. Therefore, I like to keep six clipboards in my bag so that I have one to use as well. These clipboards help ensure that we can work on activities anywhere in the classroom.

2. Folder

This folder contains all printable activities that I plan to do with the group. These printable activities are based on the reading skill that we are currently working on.

3. Pencil Pouches

I have two pencil pouches that I also keep in my backpack, one for glue sticks and the other for scissors. I like having these materials with me so that the students don’t have to worry about getting or bringing their own. This keeps things running smoothly for both the general education teacher and myself.

4. Crayons, Highlighters, Pencil

I also like to keep a few packs of crayons and highlighters in there as well. (Just in case we need to find text evidence or color code for an activity.) I also like to take a pencil. I ask my students to have their own pencil when working with me in the classroom. Therefore, I like to keep my favorite pencil in the bag so that I am just as prepared to work as my students are!

The Honest Truth…

This bag is a lifesaver! I keep it right next to my IEP bag, near my desk so that it is easily accessible to me whenever I might need it. It has everything I need when servicing my students in their general education classroom. I’m sure the their teacher is thankful for how smooth it makes things as well.