My IEP Meeting Bag

What do you take to IEP meetings? My go-to is this bag! Have you ever been in a pinch for time and had to run down the hall to get to a meeting on time? (Let’s be honest, we all have from time to time...) Inside, it has everything I need for each case conference meeting. This way, I am always prepared.

1. Chromebook

One of the most important things I like to keep in my IEP meeting bag is my laptop and wireless mouse. For virtual conferences, I’ll need to have Google Meet open and ready to go. I can also make changes to the IEP as we discuss each section of the IEP.

2. Checklists & Rating Scales

Another thing that is helpful to keep in my IEP meeting bag is a folder with all of my district’s checklists. This folder contains copies of any disability checklists or rating scales that I may need in the meeting.

3. Student Folders

At the beginning of the week, I also put each student’s file in my bag. Then, I have everything together and ready to grab when it’s meeting time.

4. Conference Notes Clipboard

Lastly, I have a clipboard with copies of this notes page. (Oh, and my favorite pen!) This page helps me to stay organized during the meeting. Personally, I’m not the best at listening, talking, and typing all at the same time. Therefore, I like to jot notes down on paper and come back to them later if needed. I love the simplicity of this page and how there is a designated spot to put all the important information.