Parent Teacher Conference Clipboard

Let’s be honest, parent teacher conferences can be overwhelming. No matter how many years you have been teaching, you need a great way to keep things simple and stay organized.

As a resource room teacher, parent teacher conferences look different for us. This clipboard has everything I need.

Self Evaluation for Students

First, I’d like to share my favorite part of this bundle: the self evaluation. This is a great tool to take with you to each individual conference. Before conferences, take time in your groups to complete these with the students. I began this activity by explaining what each smiley face means and had the students color in how they feel about each subject, as I read it to them. (I also allowed them to choose a scented marker… which they loved!)

The back side of the page allows students to think about things they are good at doing at school and things they feel like they need to work on. I used a sticky note for the students to write their thoughts on. Having the students use a sticky note allows room on the page for you, the teacher, to write your thoughts on. It also keeps the page looking neat and clean. (The students also loved being able to choose what color sticky note they wanted!)

Progress Reports on IEP Goals

Along with the self evaluation, it is important to also prepare and bring along a progress report. The progress report is great to give to parents, as it shows hard data (along with a visual graph) of the progress that student is making towards their IEP goal. (This progress report was generated on the online IEP system.)


One of the most important parts of organizing for parent teacher conferences is the schedule. This cute, yet effective schedule made it so easy for me to plan out those long evenings at school. It is simple, but completely customizable so it can be used by absolutely anyone regardless of what your school conferences may look like.

Conference Notes

This notes page was a life saver during parent teacher conferences! If you’re like me, your brain never stops. If I don’t write things down…I will forget! As you’re sitting there, talking with the general education teacher and parents, things might come up in conversation and this page is there for you to jot down anything that you might need to do or remember for later.