Text" How to Use Google Meet in Special Education" with Image of Google Meet on a Computer Screen

Google Meet was a HUGE blessing to me as a special education teacher. I was able to continue to hold small groups throughout distance learning and meet with parents for case conferences. I couldn’t have continued to teach my students without Google Meet.

How to Set Up a Google Meet

For special education, I found myself constantly needing to schedule a Google Meet for one reason or another. I used Meets for small group sessions, one on one tutoring sessions, and annual case conferences with parents and other staff members.

How to Generate a Permanent Meeting Link

I found that my students got a little overwhelmed with the Google Classroom Stream. By creating a permanent link, my students could just click the link and join the Google Meet without scrolling through homework assignments and announcements.

How to Share Your Screen in Google Meet

Whether you are walking through general education material, sharing a PowerPoint presentation, or teaching a lesson with a PDF, sharing your screen is extremely important.
I think this is great asset for our special education students. With a screen share, they can continue to participate in activities and have help with difficult tasks. I used screen share to explain general education tasks with them one on one.

How to Use Your Phone as a Document Camera

Walking through your daily lessons WITH your students is extremely valuable. By using your phone as a document camera, you’ll be able to share written documents with your students. I love this for our students with disabilities because so many rely on copying from their teacher. This is one important strategy for helping them complete tasks while digital learning.