Image of school supplies with text Special Education Teachers: The Ultimate List of Back to School Supplies

It’s almost that time! Depending on where you live, you will soon be seeing sales for school supplies. For us teachers seeing those school supplies can put us into two moods. First mood is give me all the school supplies I can get because who doesn’t love new supplies for school? The another mood is summer is not over so do not even think about getting out those supplies! I am one where I get excited about new supplies and a new year!  As a special education teacher in a resource room, what school supplies do I need most?!

We often don’t have students who are bringing in backpacks full of pencils, notebooks, and folders. It’s up to us to stock up for those particular students. I secretly love this! Below, you’ll find my supplies for the resource room that I find most valuable for students to use as well as what I need to keep myself organized and prep activities.

School Supplies You’ll Need Most for Student Use

  1. Notebooks
  2. Folders
  3. Pencils (a LOT of pencils!)
  4. Erasers
  5. Crayons
  6. Scissors
  7. Glue Sticks
  8. Markers
  9. Scented Markers
  10. Colored Pens
  11. Highlighters
  12. Post-It Notes
  13. Privacy Folders
  14. Math Manipulatives
  15. Hundreds Charts
  16. Multiplication Charts
  17. Spinners
  18. Dice
  19. Clipboards

Supplies You’ll Need to Stay Organized

  1. File Folders for Each Student (I like hanging file folders!)
  2. Binders
  3. Binder Tabs
  4. Post-It Notes
  5. Your Favorite Pens
  6. Calendar
  7. Highlighters
  8. Clipboards

Supplies You’ll Need to Prep Lessons & Activities

  1. Laminator
  2. Laminating Sheets
  3. Velcro
  4. Colored Printer Paper
  5. Cardstock
  6. Spring Loaded Scissors
  7. Paper Cutter
  8. Ziplock Bags
  9. Sharpies
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