I absolutely love picture books for teaching and modeling reading skills. But you know what? I can’t afford to buy them all. I can’t even remember which ones I have, which ones I use for what skill, or if I borrowed them from a friend.

The struggle is real, my friends.

Several years ago, I created a Google Sheet with all of my books. Actually, I had my high school helper type up most of the titles and authors for me! Then, as I used a picture book, I would jot down the skill that I taught. I also added books that I borrowed from friends or checked out from the library.

Using this File

Remember Where It Is Saved

Once you opt-in above, you can access it from your Google Drive at any time. I like to bookmark mine to access it quickly and easily. If you use Google Chrome, click the little star in the corner of your browser. Then, it will appear just under your address bar. 

Know How to Sort

Using the sort feature, you can sort your books by title, author, or reading skill! It will help you find your books faster. This is seriously the game changer!

To sort, click on the column that you want to organize your books by. Then, click “Data” and “Sort sheet by Column ___, A–>Z.” You can choose and of the columns listed here!

Record Where to Find the Book

Do you own it? Did you borrow it? It is a library book? Use the drop down menu to record how you’ll get your hands on it again next year.

Pull It Up on Your Phone

Have you ever been in a book store and found a classic book you love at a great price? Can’t remember if you own it? Pull up the spreadsheet on your phone and find the title. You can quickly see if you should snag the book or if you already own a copy! You’ll just need the Sheets app on your phone.