How many special education evaluations do you have during one school year? I average about 20-30. And I must say, it is HARD to manage at times. This year, I started using a checklist to help keep my special education evaluations organized.

After downloading the freebie, you will be able to add your own customized pieces of the evaluation process. I have tried to include each tiny step of the process in hopes that I don’t drop the ball on one or more pieces of the process.

I record when I receive general education teacher and parent packets to begin the evaluation, signature pages, rating scales, due dates, classroom observations, assessing students, and writing an IEP.

Tips for Managing Evaluations

Review Your Checklist Weekly

Each week, I browse through my checklist to see what I need to do to keep the evaluation moving. Maybe I need to pass out rating scales to general education teachers or call a parent to remind them to complete a portion of the paperwork. 

Pass Out Rating Scales Early

After having a few years of evaluations under my belt, I made a checklist of rating scales that I would need for each disability category. For example, I know students who are being evaluated for a Mild Intellectual Disability will need an ABAS-3 rating scale completed. 
Instead of holding up the evaluation process, I *try* to pass them out to teachers once I receive a due date for the evaluation. This allows me to quickly pass it on the school psychologist and she has everything she needs when she’s ready to write her report. 
I drafted a quick list of rating scales that I knew she typically used. Then, I asked her if I had left anything off or made any errors. Now, it really speeds up the evaluation process and reduces the stress on the general education teacher who is responsible for completing ALL of those packets of information. 

Batch Tasks

I like to sit down and work on similar tasks all at the same time. For example, I might grab a couple of students and assess them on their Present Level of Performance. Then, I add that information into each of the future IEPs. I work better when I’m in the zone! 
Writing FBA’s? I do the same thing! It helps me to check several boxes off of my checklist at once AND I can often copy and paste several things while I’m working on the same task.