By the fifth grade, I’ve noticed that although they have worked on graphing for many years in prior grades, they still need help and plenty of practice with answering questions correctly about data as well as vocabulary associated with graphing.

Today, my students and I created our own scavenger hunt by each making our own double-bar graphs.  We discussed giving your graph a title, labeling each axis, and creating reasonable intervals.  I allowed them to choose a topic for their graph based on their own interests.  I am not really sure who loved this activity more….them or me!  Their creativity and topics they decided on were fabulous!

After creating their double-bar graphs, they were required to write one question about their graph.  We discussed the types questions that were in our math video from the previous night so they had something fresh in their mind when creating.  I told them it could be as simple or as complex as they wanted.  As any fifth grader would do, they created the most complex question possible in order to appear smarter to their friends!  It played right into my hand!  🙂

After creating their graphs and fabulous questions, we hid them around the room in random order.  The students moved throughout the room and “hunted” for the questions.  As they found each graph, they worked hard to complete the question quickly yet accurately.  The first student to fill their entire page CORRECTLY wins!

My kids always love scavenger hunts.  What I love about doing scavenger hunts is that the students can’t talk!  The rule is that you cannot share answers or the locations of hidden questions.  They know not to talk or share because it could help their friend beat them!

I’m linking up with The Teacher Studio for her monthly, Loved That Linky Party!  Since I loved this lesson so much, I’d love to share it with you.  Click the image below to grab the printables for this activity in both bar graphs and double-bar graphs!  🙂