I’ve been reading my way through “Teaching with Intention” by Debbie Miller and I am IN LOVE with the idea of determining what your beliefs are on education and making sure that your actions and classroom practices actually align with what you do on a daily basis.  Because of this, I couldn’t help but put my beliefs out there for the world to see.  Just for fun, I want to challenge each and every follower and blogger to do the same!

If you blog, I would love for you to complete a post telling about your beliefs on education and link up below.  You can also participate as a follower to be entered to win the fantastic prize below!

If you are a follower, I would love for you to create a little Facebook and Twitter “buzz” by sharing your beliefs on education and use #MyBeliefsOnEducation.  Then, tag two of your teacher friends in the post.  They can then take their turn at sharing their beliefs on education!  When I search #MyBeliefsOnEducation, anyone who used it to share their beliefs on education will be entered in chance to win a $50 Gift Certificate for TeachersPayTeachers!  You CAN NOT pass this up!!!

So….drum roll….I became a teacher because….
*I believe that education should be as individualized as possible.  I know I sound so special education right now, but seriously.  How often do we do one sized fits all types of instruction, activities, or assessments?  I try to do my best to make opportunities for differentiation and individualization.
*I believe that education should be as authentic and real life as possible!  Maybe it is just because of my learning style, but I like to dive in and figure out real life problems.  I like to see the way that skills learned in school are actually used to help it make sense to me.  I love doing the same with my students.  I love making it REAL LIFE!
*I believe that education is the most powerful tool in which we can give our students and should be done with love.  In my classroom, I often tell my students that I love them verbally, but I always tell them I love them non verbally as well.  I try to make the atmosphere of my classroom emit the feeling that they are loved, respected, and can be themselves.
*I believe that assessment should drive our instruction but should not dominate our buildings in the way they often do.  I know the anxiety that comes with getting back scores from statewide testing but should be forced to feel that pressure all year long?  We do because as teachers we are perfectionists and care about our student’s success.

Please feel free to share this image on social media as well as YOUR beliefs on education!  I’d love to hear them! 🙂

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