Sorting Exit Tickets: A Freebie to Help Differentiate Easily

Exit Tickets.  I seriously love them.  They have seriously shaped the style and format of my classroom over the last two years.  Rather than write paragraphs about my infatuation with Exit Tickets, below are four advantages that I have discovered through using Exit Tickets. In my heart, I believe that part of making all of ^^^^ happen, is properly sorting Exit Tickets and quickly addressing the needs of my students.  Last year and earlier this school year, I did all of the Exit Ticket sorting in my classroom myself.  In my efforts to create a more student-led classroom, I am…

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Math Center PHOTO Overload!!!!

Recently, I had a few followers ask about what my room and math centers look like.  I LOVE answering these types of questions.  However, this is also really hard to do when I have so many things going on at once.  So, I am going to answer this question by sharing several photos accompanied with brief {if I can keep them brief} descriptions. A few things you must know about my centers before reading on:   1.  These centers are all chosen based on the preferences of the students.   2.  Each of these centers rotate on a regular basis…

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Easy as Pi! :)

Do you ever get really ambitious and have a long list of things that you want to do but just don’t have the time to make it actually happen?  I do!  In my head, it is all totally possible.  BUUUUUT, in the end, I just don’t have enough hours in the day.  To make my life easy as pie, I created a pack of spring printables.  And let me tell you, they have really saved my butt this week!  ๐Ÿ™‚ This fun activity requires ZERO prep, yet allows students to practice finding missing angles of triangles.  My kids loved being able…

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Math Warm Ups!

What morning procedures do you have each day?  I have the standard ones, such as turn in homework, sharpen pencils, and go to the restroom.  From there, rather than the typical morning work that I have previously used, I have began to implement Math Warm Ups.  If you followed my Guided Math Book Study this summer, you know that Math Stretches are part of Laney Sammon’s Guided Math philosophy.  {On a side note, I LOVE her!} At the beginning of the year, I began using Math Warms Ups to start our day by using chart paper and scented markers.  {Side…

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Inside My Flipped Classroom!

Hey there!  Did anyone notice that I have fallen off the blog planet lately?  You know how the first several weeks are perfect and you have everything planned, copied, and ready to go…then real life hits you and you are SwAmPeD?!?!?!  That has been me these last couple of days!  But today, I had to share a post about my flipped classroom set up!   Several weeks ago, I posted a FB question that asked if anyone out there uses a “flipped classroom” model.  I wanted to see what others were doing, what programs and routines they implemented, and so…

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