FAQ: Bubble Pages: What do you need to know?

Let’s start with the basics. What are Bubble Pages?   Bubble Pages are teacher-created, leveled pages that include tasks for students to complete independently over the course of the school week.  When I develop my Bubble Pages, I typically ask that my students complete fifteen tasks per week.  Meaning, I am asking them to complete three independent tasks per day.  This could vary based on your classroom set up, grade level, number of days you work in centers, ect.  I use these in both reading and math.   How do your students keep track of what they have completed?   At…

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Ten Simple & Easy Ways to Differentiate

When planning lessons, I always ask myself, “Are all of my kids doing the same thing?”  If that answer is yes, then I am not differentiating appropriately.  It’s kinda of a nerdy passion of mine to maximize differentiation.  That being said, my room is not differentiated 100% of the time.  There are times when time restrictions or difficulty of a particular skill that we are not doing different things; however, I try to challenge myself to maximize my differentiation!  Here is a list of my top ten favorite or frequently used ways that I differentiate. Ten Simple & Easy Ways…

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Managing Bubble Pages

Last summer, I posted about my Bubble Pages and I have loved the feedback that I have received from many of you implementing these in your classrooms.  I wanted to share a quick post about a little system that I have implemented in my classroom this year that has saved me SOOOOO much time.  Like seriously…..oodles of time! Please ignore the ’70’s counters and dingy walls and look at the brightly colored baskets that I used last year.  At the time, I thought these were perfect and they did serve their purpose.  I had a basket for both my fourth…

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Math Routines!

Several weeks ago, I received an email from an oh so sweet follower, that asked how I worked in math warm ups, journals, exit tickets, math videos, and task cards into my day.  As I answered her question, I knew that many others may have similar questions and this would be a great blog post topic.  Although I follow these routines and such everyday, it has taken a while to get my act together in order to create a blog post that really shows and tells what I do each day. Math Video Maybe this is the end of my…

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Independent Work Time: How I Differentiate Effectively

So if you have followed my blog for long, you have heard about my use of what I call a “Bubble Page.”  With moving from the special education setting, where I used this in strictly reading, I had to find a way to use this in general education math.  As I worked my way through this, I decided that this is something that could take differentiation to the max in any classroom. Differentiation is something that is a passion of mine and something I feel is a great strength in my daily routines.  Maybe it’s the special education teacher in me,…

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