Preparing for special education intervention groups can often be overwhelming. I like prepare for intervention groups using three simple steps.

For me, I assess my students, group them, and begin matching my interventions to their needs.

Assess Your Students

Assessing your students should be the first thing you do when beginning to think about your math intervention groups. I like to consider the following things when choosing assessments.

  • What skills do I need to assess for my grade level(s)?
  • How long will it take to complete these assessments?
  • When will I complete these assessments?

For me, I like to try to find assessments that I can complete in just a few minutes. I’d like to be able to tell what a student can do in about 5-10 minutes. For math, I like to start by my students solve addition math facts within a minute, as well as solve addition and subtraction both with and without regrouping.

Create Groups

Once you’ve assessed your students, I use these steps to create groups.

  1. Gather Assessment Data
  2. Print Planning Page
  3. Organize By Grade Level & Skill
  4. Add Assessment Results
  5. Make Adjustments, If Needed
  6. Try It & Revise

Match Students to Interventions

This is where the magic happens. 😍

Now that you know the present levels and goals of your students, it’s time to open up your closet and start matching students to the interventions available.

  • What interventions do you have available to you?
  • What are your interventions designed to do?
  • What interventions best match the group’s needs?