Making predictions is not something that all students instinctively do. Many of our students with disabilities need explicit instruction to help them turn on the skill of constantly thinking and predicting while they read.

Read a Passage Together & Make Predictions

I always start by reading the passages three times with my students. Before making predictions, we have to first understand what the story was about. So, we take time discussing and answering basic questions.

Then, we brainstorm a list of possible answers.

For this story, we were making predictions of where the characters in this story were going to go on their vacation.

Display & Revisit

We always display our anchor chart on the board. Each day, we revisit the anchor chart and see if we can determine an answer based on what we have read.

Read & Check Predictions

As we read, we take a look at our predictions. Were we correct? Do we need to add new predictions to our chart?

My favorite part of this weekly activity is justifying the predictions and supporting our answers with evidence from the text.