Virtual Learning: This is What You Need to Send Home with Students

Virtual Learning Take Home KitLast spring, we were all thrown into the deep end when it came to eLearning. My administration has really focused on the difference between what we did last year and the expectation for this year. This year, we are doing virtual learning. Meaning, the expectation is the same as a typical school year, but kids are given the choice to learn virtually. As a district, we might even find ourselves moving from in person to virtual multiple times throughout the school year.

My plan is to send home virtual learning kits with everything my kids will need to continue holding our reading groups on Google Meet. Here’s what I’m including for all of my students with reading goals.


Reading Books

I used the printable booklets from my Resource Room Reading Series to quickly print ten weeks of books in one trip to the copier! My virtual students will be able to follow allow with my in person groups every single day.

I added all ten booklets to these poly envelopes!



Next, they’ll need highlighters. Every day, we use our blue highlighter to hunt for sight words and our green highlighter for decodable words. All kids love highlighters. I don’t want them missing all the fun from home.



Each day, we read the story three times. After each reading, I pass out a marker for them to color one smiley face to represent each reading. Scented markers are my favorite!



I think many of my virtual participants will already have pencils, but I wanted to be sure. I didn’t want any excuses. I included two sharpened pencils in their envelope too!


Letter Tiles

My small groups wouldn’t be complete without working on our decodable words each day. In the regular Ziploc baggie, I included two of each letter in the alphabet. In the colored bag, students will add the letters that we will actually need for that week’s list of words. I’m hoping this can be done by the parent, but you never know!

If you need letter tiles, you can download them here!


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  1. Kelly Bailey
    August 18, 2020 / 11:44 pm

    Thank you for the freebies

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