Text "How to Juggle in Person & Online Teaching" with Image of a Student Sitting in Front of a Computer Working
Shew! This is a tough one. Juggling in person and online teaching is going to be a BIG part of our school year. Here are the things that I’m planning to try. Will it work? I don’t know. Will I likely have to revise this blog post a few weeks into school, probably! But here are my thoughts.

Set a Schedule

I am going to set a schedule, just like I would do if it were a “normal” school year. I’ll share this with parents and let them know what time their child will need to be present in my small group.

Place Your Laptop in One Seat

I plan to have a designated spot in the middle of my table for my laptop. For each group, I’ll turn on Google Meet and sit directly across from the laptop. Then, I’ll be able to see and hear my students attending online.
I am planning to use Google Classroom’s Meeting Link feature to help save time transitioning from one group to another.

Run Group Like Normal

At this moment, I plan to run my group like normal. Each group will likely vary as far as the number of in person students versus online students. That’s ok! I want to try to serve as many kids as I can throughout the day.
I’m planning to use my phone or iPad like a document camera, so that my at home students can see what we are doing together.

Send Supplies for Online Learners

In my small groups, we use highlighters, markers, pencils, crayons, hundreds charts, and printable booklets. Depending on their grade level and IEP goals, we sometimes use spinners and dice as well. I plan to package those materials up and send them home.
For some students, I think this will be difficult. I’m still planning to try because I think it will significantly help them to be successful in the group.
What are your ideas for juggling in person and online teaching?