Have you heard of the app Aurasma?!  I hadn’t until recently and had to put it to use in my room.  We’ve been slaving away on ISTEP (Indiana’s high stakes test), and I wanted a fun way to let our students share their feelings on ISTEP.  My students loved using the app so much, that we had to use it again in the following activity!

I love Kid President and jump on any chance to share one of his videos in class.  We began by watching this video on YouTube about making the world more awesome.  

Then, my students brainstormed a list of three things that would make the world better, AND what they could do to help achieve this!  They recorded themselves sharing their ideas!

Here comes the fun part!  After recording their video, we opened up the Aurasma app.  If you haven’t used this app, here are the basics.  It allows you to create a “trigger” image, which works similar to a QR Code.  When that trigger image is scanned with the app, it can take you to an image or video of your choice.

My students used their own faces for trigger images.  When a classmate scans their face, they will be able to watch their video and hear all of the things that they believe would make the world a better place.

When the trigger image is scanned, the video pops right up on your device.  As you move your device, the image moves as well.  It is so much fun and an excellent way for students to demonstrate their learning.  This is the sample that I created of my daughter to show how the app worked to my students!

Next up on our Aurasma agenda, creating book trailers for our book club books to be played when we scan the covers of our books! 🙂