Today’s post is 100% stolen from my husband.  He teaches fourth grade, and has amazing ideas!  I am constantly encouraging him to embark on a blogging journey of his own.  Buuuut, since he won’t do it, I’ll totally hijack his good ideas!

In his classroom, he teaches his entire social studies curriculum during the first semester, and dives into science after Christmas.  After completing the entire social studies book, he decided to give his students the opportunity to finish the semester with a project all about unanswered questions.

He began by giving the students the paper above.  He had them recall or look back in their book and write three questions that went unanswered throughout the school year.  At this point, the students were completely unaware that a project was around the corner, and wrote really amazing questions!

On the following day, he had them select ONE question from the previous day to further research.  This student is going to research how Native Americans made their own weapons.  He also had them think about what resources they planned to use, as well as the method that they would use to teach their classmates.

After a few days of brainstorming, research, and preparing to teach, each student shared their question and the answer they discovered.  Their methods of presenting ranged from utilizing Kahoot, to sharing a PowerPoint presentation, or showing off a poster they created!

You can grab the printables that he used by clicking on the image above!  I *may* have adjusted them just a little with new fonts and borders.  🙂