Hey friends!  Can you believe that it is already October?  This is my absolute favorite time of the year so….no complaining here!  I’m linking up with Farley to share my October Currently!
Currently, I am….
Listening to Scooby Doo!  My three year old daughter is crazy over Scooby right now.  I totally don’t get it but she loves it.  Throughout the week, my husband and I limit the amount of time that our kids spend on the iPads.  On Friday, we relax a bit and let them watch Netflix or play games.  At this moment, she’s glad it’s Friday!
Loving the fall weather.  As I said above, this is my favorite time of year.  Today was a crisp, fall day and I am currently cuddled up with my daughter under a blanket.  Earlier, I was reading.  Now, I’m blogging.  This is the life!
Thinking, “Did I REALLY just say that?!”  I just sent an email to my administrator that contained an opinion about a special education error.  I stated my honest opinion on the issue.  Although I am glad that I said it, I am seriously shocked that I spoke my mind.  AHHH!
Wanting to finish a new product!  I have so many great things in the works, but can’t seem to find the time polish them up and post them.  This weekend. I. will. be. PRODUCTIVE.
Needing a day off.  My two best teacher friends took today off to go to our local Oktoberfest.  They sent Snapchats all day long!  I wanted to take off with them just to relax and have fun but, my class is a little crazy this year!  I’ve been out three times in the last two weeks due to parent teacher conferences and an RTI meeting.  I couldn’t bare to torture a sub by taking a day off today.  

Today was picture day!  I think it is so boo-tiful seeing all of the kids in their finest clothing, hair gelled or straightened, and feeling confident!  My kids looked great today!!! 🙂