Flipping my classroom has dramatically impacted both the way my students learn and the way that I run my classroom each day.  I often receive blog comments or emails asking how to make it all come together and be easily managed by the teacher as well as easily accessible by the students.  I invite you to check out this video where I explain my video making from start to finish.

Although this video looks quite lengthy, I promise it takes me only a few minutes to create each video once you get a feel for what you are doing.  
I try to follow this routine to keep me on track and prepared from week to week.  
Monday:  Lesson plans and video slides created for the upcoming week
Tuesday: Create videos during prep time
Wednesday: Use videos from prior day to schedule classroom blog posts
Thursday: NOTHING!
Friday: NOTHING!
*Since I usually create all videos on Tuesday, I try to make sure that I have videos from one Tuesday to the next covered.  Then, by the time I’m out of videos, I’ll already have the plans and such in place to go through this rotation again.  
I try to “schedule” time for doing each of these tasks to make it less of a headache.  As you know, there are kinks in any well laid plan, however, this really helps to keep me on track most of the time. 🙂  Since I have Thursday and Friday free from math plans, I can really dedicate time to working on science or social studies plans.