My remaining social studies standard for this school year is to cover the states, capitals, and regions of the United States.  Since we are approaching the end of the year and just wrapped up state wide testing, I wanted to plan a few exciting things for the kids!

Earlier this week, I told my students that on Friday we would be taking a road trip!  I also told them that they could bring “road trip” like items such as sunglasses, blankets, pillows, snacks, ect.  They were intrigued and wondering what I had up my sleeve!  After April Fools day, they can tell when I’m up to something!  Last night, my daughter helped me tape white paper around the desks of my classroom.  We created a giant car for my students and I to road trip through the United States!  Now, it isn’t anything spectacular, but oh boy did we have fun!

When my kids walked in the door, I had this you tube video playing {Special thanks to Education Lahne for the idea!!!}.  The music, the speed drawing, the pictures that the artist chose translated to perfect and instant engagement!
Once we were settled in the car, we were ready to begin our journey!  Since we are from Indiana, it seemed fitting to begin our road trip in the Midwest.  I purchased Jill Russ’s Regions of the United States Lapbook Bundle to assist with the content portion of our road trip.  
Later in our road trip, we read magazines!  After reading an article, they wrote a quick summary on KidBlog!
We’ll be finishing our journey throughout the United States next week but we got off to a GREAT start today!!!  🙂