Hoppy Easter!  My friends and I from Upper Grade Memoirs are teaming up to bring you a little spring fun on this Easter weekend.  Thanks to the TimeHop app, I was reminded of a fun experiment that my daughter and I did a few years ago with hard boiled eggs.  I couldn’t help but find a little time to work it into my science class!  Plus, it gave us a chance to take a field trip to the Home Economics room in the high school!!!  Our Mission: Discover how many minutes does an egg need to boil in order to be ready for Easter egg coloring?  🙂

We first began by making a prediction of how many minutes each of us think it will take for the eggs to be perfectly hard boiled.

Then, we began by boiling a pot of water with a dozen eggs.  You could theoretically do as few or as many as you wish but I chose a dozen to work with the intervals of one minute…and I already knew the answer!  Once the water begins to boil, start a timer.

After one minute passed, we pulled out an egg.

Then, we broke it in a muffin tin so we could make observations.

Each of the kids used their recording sheet to record their observations.  You can download the recording sheet {here}.

Each and every minute, we would pull out another egg.  We discussed the amount of the egg that was solid versus liquid.

We had a blast!  In the end, TWELVE minutes was the magic number!!!

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