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 My name is Amanda Wilp, and I am currently teaching special education.  I love seeing my students grow and learn throughout my years with them. I currently service about forty students from kindergarten to third grade. Prior to teaching special education, I’ve taught fifth grade as well as another placement in special education in kindergarten through fifth grade.  I honestly believe that this has brought a unique twist to my teaching and love for my students.

When I’m not teaching, I love spending time with these humans.  They are silly, creative, intelligent, and caring girls, who remind me daily how truly blessed I am.

Olivia is eleven years old and is in sixth grade. She is the most creative and articulate little one I know. She loves to share random facts of the day and is learning to play the guitar, drums, and xylophone. She has a caring heart and aspires to be a teacher and a writer.

Aubree is eight years old and is in the third grade. She is smart, energetic, and the most helpful thing on the planet. She loves to play basketball and ride her bike. She also loves babies and wants to “have a daycare full of babies when she grows up.”

I have also been married for thirteen years to the love of my life.  He is an amazing father, caring husband, and always knows how to make me smile.  He is also a teacher. He teaches kindergarten and LOVES it. We are privileged enough to work in the same school, which I believe has only brought us closer together.