Visualizing Tubes: A Free Activity for Introducing Visualization

This year, I’ve been working to integrate multiple subjects into our daily activities.  Today, I want to quickly share a fun activity that is perfect for both reading and writing.  Our reading strategy this week is visualization, and we began writing personal narratives last week.  I wanted an activity that would introduce visualization, yet give my students a chance to enhance their writing.   I placed a bag in each corner of my classroom and divided my students into four random groups.  Each group pulled out their object and used their visualizing tubes to really scope out the mystery object inside…

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If the Shoe Fits…{An Inference Activity FREEBIE}

Making inferences is such a challenge for some of my students.  Better yet, many students can make an inference, but they struggle to support their inference with details, facts, or background knowledge.  Today, we did a fun activity to begin making inferences and supporting them with evidence. While my students were at special, I hid twelve shoes around my classroom.  They each had a number assigned to them, and they ranged from nice, new shoes to old, yucky shoes. After explaining their task, my students moved throughout the room to scope out each shoe. They wrote down their inferences, but…

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Evidence vs. Details: What’s the difference when teaching Main Idea?

It’s the second semester and the countdown to the first round of standardized testing is underway.  We have five full weeks of instruction before our first day of testing here in Indiana.  In my classroom, I feel like my students are great at individual skills, but they seem to have a difficult time putting them all together to tackle a difficult, new, or multistep task.  Sooo, it’s time to practice juggling! Evidence vs. Details: What’s the difference when teaching Main Idea? In science this week, we are wrapping up our unit on the solar system.  One of my goals this…

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Plot Activity: FREE Vocabulary Cards for Graphic Organizer

My students and I have been reading the book Ungifted over the last several weeks.  It is an absolutely PERFECT read aloud for fifth-grade students.  It has allowed me to teach so many reading skills in one text, plus my kids fell in love with the main character.  Now that we are finished, I wanted to review and discuss the vocabulary terms and identify the parts of the story that represented each term.   Plot Activity : Free Vocabulary Cards When my students walked in this morning, they found yarn taped to the wall in a funny shape.  Their responses…

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3-2-1 Chart: A Free Nonfiction Reading Center

3-2-1 Chart: A Free Nonfiction Reading Center This year, my teaching partner and I are really switching up our reading block.  We’re working on our own, made up version of the Daily Five.  So far, we are in LOVE! In the Daily Five, students would typically read with someone as part of their daily routine.  In fifth grade, we struggled with how to approach this and what would be the most beneficial for them.  We created a “Magazines with Friends” center.   At this center, students will read a magazine article of their choosing with a friend.  Between our two…

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