Progress Monitoring

  • Struggling Readers: Three of the Most Common Reading Challenges

    Today’s post is all about our struggling readers.  We’ve all had them.  We all want to do our best to help them.  But sometimes, that is easier said than done.  To begin to help our struggling readers, we have to begin by identifying their greatest need.  For most readers, they are struggling in one of […]


  • Sight Words: My Easy Way to Assess in Minutes

    I haven’t posted anything from my world in special education in quite a while, so here it goes.  I am currently teaching fifth grade, general education, AND squeezing in a precious thirty minutes of special education instruction with my fourth and fifth-grade special education students.  It is by far my favorite time of day.  Despite […]


  • Progress Monitor like a PRO: What do you need to know?

    Raise your hand if you love to progress monitor?!  Collecting data can often be stressful, confusing, and ineffective.  As I am trying to juggle both a general education classroom AND special education duties, I am finding it difficult to help teachers track data appropriately.  Today, I created and shared a few tips  with my fellow teachers […]