Totally Random!: A Free and Engaging Math Review Game

Over Christmas Break, I was searching Pinterest for a few ways to really spice up my test prep.  While searching, I found this crazy, silly game called Stinky Feet from Teaching in the Fast Lane.  I absolutely loved the concept, and I knew that I had to use it in my classroom. I really loved the idea, but I had a few twists to keep things totally random!  When my students walked in from recess, they found THIS, and they were ready to play! During the week before state testing, we were reviewing decimal computation.  I split my class into… View Post

Task Cards: Five Engaging Ways to Use Them in the Classroom

Who loves task cards?  Let me tell you, I am seriously an addict!  I make them, buy them, wishlist them, dream about them….ok, this is getting crazy!  But seriously, I love them.  My students and I thoroughly enjoy using them in my classroom.  I am by no means a task card expert, but I use many of the same ways in my room on a regular basis and I wanted to share them with you tonight! Scoot!  I stinkin’ love it!  I love how it encourages fluency and continued practice over a given skill or skills.  I also love that… View Post

Sidewalk Scoot: A FREE Math Game That Your Students Will LOVE

Is anyone else knee deep in test prep?  UGH!  I am, and I’m trying my best to make it as engaging as possible.  While at the store last weekend, I bought a few items to make our test prep this week a little less boring.  Today, we played Sidewalk Scoot! A Math Game Your Students Will Love  As you can see from the picture above, each student was assigned a square on the sidewalk.  Prior to coming outside, each student created a multiplication or division problem.  In their square, they had to write their computation problem in their neatest handwriting.… View Post

Marshmallow Data Review: A Math Activity Your Students Will LOVE

As I was planning my Valentine’s Day party last week, I had a weird, random series of events that led to a math activity.  One game suggested that you give students a few marshmallows and have them toss them into a partner’s mouth.  I thought, “Hey!  My kids will love this, and proceeded to buy several bags of marshmallows.” As I told my husband about the game, he said, “Ewwww, gross! Who is going to be ____’s partner?!”  He was right.  Who was going to be the nose picker’s partner?!  I quickly revised my plan, and this domino effect of… View Post

Math Races: The Math Game Your Students Will Beg to Play

I absolutely love math centers.  If you’ve followed me for long, you already know that’s old news.  A few weeks ago, I created a Christmas “Scavenger Hunt” to review basic computation.  My students and I absolutely loved it, and it completely inspired a year round game to play in math centers.  So far, I’ve used this in three different ways in my classroom. Whole Group Activity: I really love to use these cards as a whole group activity by hiding the cards around my classroom.  The students hunt the room to find the card that says START on the race… View Post
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