Do any of these words describe your goals for next year? 

Teaching should be easier. Progress monitoring should be easier. Lesson planning should be easier

I want to be better at progress monitoring. I want to be better at lesson planning. 

Teaching should take less time. Progress monitoring should take less time. Lesson planning should take less time

My Mission

My mission is to make a day in the life of a special education teacher easier! Through time-saving, effective routines, I want to help you see results without spending your nights and weekends at school.


This summer, let’s learn together!

The top things special education teachers need help with? Data Collection, Assessments, and Lesson Planning. 

I’ve spent the last eleven years creating systems and routines to help save time and still deliver effective interventions for my students. 

Ready to copy and paste my systems? 

I’ll share my assessments, printables, cheat sheets, and customizable templates. 

My trainings are short, sweet and most importantly available for replay. You can watch them again if you need a refresh or on your own schedule if you can’t make the live session. 

You’ll also have the chance to answer questions during all live sessions. 

ALL Summer PD Opportunities

Join all of my summer professional developments and get all of the printable materials that I offer for one price. Replays will always be available. 

Week by Week Option

If all of the topics don’t interest you, that’s ok! You can register for them one at a time. I’ll post them one at a time, so be sure to check back.