Since I am currently a resource room teacher, small groups are the heart and soul of what I do every day. I do my best to make my small groups fun and full of learning. Below, you’ll find a few posts that share small group games that I use every single day. 

 4 Quick Ways to Practice Letters & Sounds

I have four routines that I do every day with my kindergarten students and a handful of first graders who haven’t mastered letters and sounds. I feel that they are critical to helping my students master letter recognition and corresponding sounds. 

6 Fun Ways to Practice Sight Words Every Day!

Sight words are critical for students to practice on a regular basis. While I also work on decoding, some of my students really need repetitive practice with words that are too difficult for them to decode with their current phonics knowledge. 

Simple Routines for Numbers & Counting

My little ones who find themselves in my small groups often need a lot of practice with number recognition and counting. You know I have a few games up my sleeve for them to practice. 

7 Items You Need to Make Your Small Groups FUN!

I have a handful of items that I use regularly to keep my students engaged and help us play some of our favorite games. From dice to wiggly eyes, you need them to help make your small groups successful.