FINALLY! A planner created just for us. ❤️

The struggle to find a good special education planner is REAL! 

Our wants and needs are different than general education teachers. Plus, we have SO many meetings and important dates to track. 

In this special education teacher planner, you’ll find: 

  • Monthly Calendars for July 2025-August 2026
  • Evaluation Checklists
  • RTI Checklists
  • Notes
  • Passwords

This planner is designed for the special education teacher, because you’ll have sections of the planner that will include space to record your annuals and evaluations that are due each month. 

Let me be honest with you, I was a *picky* planner shopper for many years. I didn’t need a HUGE planner that was an inch and a half thick. So, here is what the planner is NOT: 🥴

  • A Lesson Plan Book (Come on, it’s 2024…use your computer for that. 😂)
  • A Notebook (While there are a few pages for notes, this doesn’t have an endless supply for meeting notes.)
  • Big and Bulky

If that fits your needs, then I invite you to grab yours. You’ll love it!