How do I know which level to use for my students?

I give my students an assessment to see what their strengths and weaknesses are in regards to decoding and high frequency words.

Where do I find your assessments?

You can download the assessments that I use with my students for FREE from the teacher’s guide. Whether it be reading or math, I have a few quick and easy assessments that I give to “screen” my students.

To download the teacher’s guide for reading or math, you can click the link on page TWO of any of the interventions. You’ll receive a file with assessments, progress monitoring tools, and pre-written IEP goals for each level.

What does each level target?

  • RED: CVC Words
  • ORANGE: Beginning Blends
  • YELLOW: Ending Blends & Digraphs
  • GREEN: Vowel Teams
  • BLUE: Multisyllabic Words